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Buying office – not a trading company

  1. We are 100% transparent in everything we do
  2. We offer you your own buying office in Asia without any fixed costs
  3. With us you can be sure that you get the right price, always get the right quality, and that all potential compliance issues are taken care of.

We make buying from Asia safe and easy

Asian markets with their vast outsourcing possibilities offer great opportunities for almost every company that want to achieve success through smart and effective manufacturing partnerships.

There are thousands of factories to be found from sourcing platforms. Many of these factories, or sales agents representing the factories, also communicate in fluent English. They offer you competitive prices, delivery times that meet your needs and surprisingly often they are 3M, Disney, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola audited.

Unfortunately, in practice, there are often a number of challenges to be met with this kind of ”direct” buying. You might run into problems that could be avoided through our transparent, professional and reliable business model.

Why boa

Top 5 challenges in purchasing from Asia

Sometimes everything does not go exactly as planned if you don’t have a partner that understands how to operate in Asian markets. Some of most common problems are:

  1. The production quality is low even though the sample was perfect.
  2. Unexpected delays occur in production and shipping times; e.g. factory prioritising a larger client
  3. Product safety issues; e.g. due to materials or colors used for some parts.
  4. Social compliance issues; e.g. due to the factories outsourcing their manufacturing without informing you.
  5. The price you see on a sourcing platform will not match the actual price.

We can help you to avoid these challenges. We are happy to tell you more about the practices we have built to make sure none of the above will cause you problems.

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