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Buying from Asia made easy

Doing business in Asia requires a high level of understanding of the requirements for outsourcing and purchasing, and someone that operates efficiently in the local markets. When you work with us, it is like you would get your own buying office right there where your interests lie.

The benefit of our services is that you pay for our services only when the need arises. Because the way we do business is 100% transparent, you know exactly what is going on – what factory is manufacturing products you ordered and what are the actual production costs. With us you minimize the risks and achieve considerable savings.

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Reliable and trustworthy partner

We believe that a fruitful partnership is based on trust. That is why we operate the way we do; playing with open cards and taking pride on the fact that we act according to our partners interests. We want to do our best to get things done in the way that you are satisfied. This is achieved by our expertise on Asian markets and practical knowledge through decades of experience of how things work in international outsourcing business. We embrace the values of being a responsible operator and we are always aware of the practices of the factories we recommend to our clients. We know our business and that is why we make a great partner.

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