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We are 100% transparent in everything we do. We have no need to hide factory names, locations or purchasing prices from you. We work exactly as your own buying office would work, with the  only difference that you don’t need to pay for our services when you don’t need us, and that you don’t need to hire new people for your production peaks.Minimise your risks and get considerable savings by using Buying Office Asia as your extended arm for your purchasing needs in Asia.

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1-  The production quality is low even though the sample was perfect

2- Unexpected delays in production and shipping times: e.g. factory prioritising a larger client

3- Product safety issues; e.g. due to materials or colors used for some parts

4- The price you see on a sourcing platform never matches the actual price

5- Social compliance issues ; e.g. due to the factories outsourcing their productions without informing you

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Contact us

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