We know how to operate in Asian markets

Taking care of your outsourcing needs

Long experience in international business and local markets give us insight and knowledge on how to get things done. Buying Office Asia is your partner that understands how things work in Asian markets when it comes to outsourcing and purchasing.

Our professionals help your company to make the right moves, to choose reliable factories and business partners, and get everything to succeed as planned.

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Reasonable costs and peace of mind

We help you in building and maintaining a reliable purchase chain and outsourcing business in Asian markets. Our business model is tailored according to your needs. There are no fixed cost – you only pay for our services when you use us.

We want to build partnerships that are fruitful for both parties and always take special care of nurturing your business. Because of our business philosophy you can rely on the fact that you will get the best advice and support right when you need it. While your outsourcing is in good hands you don’t have to waste your energy and resources in solving problems. We believe that a good partnership is about trust and peace of mind, and we act according to the idea.

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Experience counts

What cannot be emphasized enough is our long and versatile experience in production, logistics and international business, which leads to comprehensive understanding on what is needed to succeed. The long experience gives us means to choose right factories and a firm know-how about the best practices to get everything to run as planned. Based on the type of products and services you need, we will handpick a team of seasoned professionals to best serve you.

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