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Transparent in actions and flexible as an operator

Buying Office Asia offers you a new way of outsourcing your production. Your own dedicated team of experienced professionals combined with our fully transparent business model ensures that you always get cost effective and risk free deliveries, and the best possible price-quality ratio.

With us you have your own buying office in Asia that has decades of experience and hundreds of trusted factory contacts. With us you get both the flexibility of outsourcing your purchasing needs, as well as the ease and security that you would get when having your own people at the factories. And all this comes without any fixed cost.

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We are your buying office

We work exactly as your own buying office. However, you don’t need to pay for our services when you don’t need us, and if needed you can easily triple your staff for production peaks. We are 100% transparent in everything we do. You are always aware of the factories used, the production schedules and purchasing prices.

Minimize your risks and get considerable savings by using Buying Office Asia as your extended arm for your purchasing needs in Asia. You won’t regret it.

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Better profit means better business

We provide our services so that you save considerably compared to other existing solutions. Our fees are very low, and they are based solely on the hours we use for you and the value of purchases. You will not have any fixed overheads, nor any outrageous markups on the factory prices. Reasonable cost of our services means better profit for you. It is our way to do things: building a good partnership through mutual success.

Our costs will be offset by the savings we generate for you in the buying prices. An additional benefit that is at least equally important is the security and peace of mind that you receive when working with us. There’s no need to stress about the product quality, compliance issues or delivery times.

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